Over the years, in practice, we have faced a number of difficulties, at various stages of protecting the rights of our clients, expressed in the issuance of vicious judicial acts, illegal enforcement, non-functioning bodies and institutions, etc. The cases in which the will of the Legislator is violated by officials in favor of their own or someone else's material interest are inalienable.

       The cases of lawlessness, omnipotence, unprincipledness or impotence in a short time changed the attitude towards development of the Lalev Law Office.

     A number of our actions - we hope - have led to real changes for all Bulgarian citizens and foreign participants in the civil turnover, by affirming the principles of the rule of law and enforcing by all possible means the observance of national legislation and international acts ratified by the Republic of Bulgaria.

      If there is a need to protect even the basic rights of Bulgarian citizens, without hesitation we engage the attention of higher bodies and institutions of the local executive, legislative and judicial authorities, the European Union, etc.

       Being useful only to our trustees proved to be insufficient for us, as with our actions we aim to contribute to the establishment of legal security in society.

     We strive to be civically active and as people, and our positions to be legally justified.

      We consider it inadmissible for a lawyer to be a slave to one or another interest, because his vocation is to serve, and in the performance of his professional duties he is guided solely by the law and, with the consciousness of independence and justice, upholds the principles of the law with his actions country.



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